Dimensional Stone Dynamics: Crafting Nature’s Legacy

Welcome to Stone Intenational! We sculpt nature’s timeless beauty into the foundations of your architectural vision.

durable natural stones

Exquisite Natural Stone Creations

Elevate your spaces with the enduring allure of our diverse collection of natural stone products, embodying timeless elegance.

Natural Stone Colors

The world of natural stones is full of vibrant colors that can bring your project to life.

Natural Stone Formats

Nothing can beat the raw beauty and durability of natural stone slabs and tiles for construction.

Stone Surface Finishes

Explore the captivating textures of natural stone that enhance depth, and dimension!

Shipping Natural Stones

From quarry to your doorstep, discover efficient, reliable logistics for your prized selections.

Crafting Beauty in Earth’s Elements

Our team combines artisans, suppliers, and craftsmen to achieve artistic mastery of natural elements. Our innovative processes blend tradition with technology, ensuring excellence at every step.

The Founder

  • Founded in December 1981 as a family business by Sunil Chowdhary (Sunny).
  • Over four decades of experience in the industry.
  • Diversified trade portfolio.
  • Offering comprehensive trade-related services.
sunny stone international
sustainable natural stones

The Guiding Vision

  • Adapting to evolving industry dynamics.
  • Commitment to quality and excellence.
  • Continual innovation and investment in technology.
  • Strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing.

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