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Beige limestone, a portrayal of warmth and sophistication

Your interest in high-quality limestone may pique your desire to learn about the exceptional Desert Beige Limestone. The quarries are in Shahabad, Karnataka. Users regard this limestone for its warm and sophisticated appearance. Therefore, architects and builders prefer specifying this limestone for their projects. Limestone and sedimentary rocks are abundant in the river basins of major rivers, including the Krishna River.

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility.”

Wendell Berry

Originating in the Western Ghats, the Krishna River and its tributaries influence the area, providing a rich source of limestone. Also, the Bhima River, a major tributary of the Krishna River, flows through this area.

Eco-friendly quarrying operations for beige limestone in Shahabad:

The quarry operators in the Shahabad area have committed themselves to sustainable operations. Therefore, they ensure that they extract limestone ethically and responsibly. They do not extract limestone from forested areas. They remove stones from areas that the mining department allows for quarrying dimensional stones. Additionally, they maintain a mandatory distance from the river shorelines to minimize any environmental impact. This means that not only is Desert Beige Limestone stunning, but it’s also ethically and sustainably sourced. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for those who want to use high-quality materials in their construction projects.

Beige is a versatile color:

Designers and planners often highly regard the color beige due to its versatility in both interior and exterior design. Pigment manufacturers have named “Desert Beige” to a range of light brown, yellow, cream, and light cookie colors. Additionally, planners use these shades in architecture and interior design. The color beige has a wide range of hues considered desert beige. Pantone is an industry standard for color pigments. Therefore, we refer to them for shades of desert sand and tan that closely match the color of desert beige limestone.

Shahabad’s Desert Beige Limestone is characterized by a predominantly light shade of yellow ochre or earthy yellow and brown color. This distinct hue adds to the beige color tone, which blends beautifully with the light cookie base color. Overall, this unique limestone adds a touch of sophistication to any interior or exterior space.

Shahabad limestone is available in many formats for outdoor use:

Besides indoor applications, you can choose this sophisticated limestone in a number of popular formats for outdoor use. The following formats are readily available for you to order:

  • Slabs and tiles
  • Paving
  • Cobbles
  • Pool Coping
  • Pool Decks
  • Random Planking
  • Masonry Veneer
  • Thin Veneer Flats
  • Ledger Panels

In order to learn more about the limestone formats that we supply, please visit our Stone Formats page.

Surface options to choose from:

We can supply the following surface finishes ex-stock:-

  • Natural quarry split
  • Riven Finish
  • Honed Surface

Additionally, we have listed a number of Natural Stone Surface Finishes and have provided the link. Therefore, you can order customised formats and surface finishes from the range that we offer. We need a suitable lead time for non-standard sizes and formats or finishes that we have not mentioned above. This is in addition to the normal lead time for loading the container on board the transportation.

Logistics for Desert Beige Limestone:

Shahabad is an important railway station. The Indian Railway also facilitates good rail connectivity with major cities and ports in the country. Additionally, they make available cargo rakes for economical transportation. Therefore, users all across India have been using this natural stone since more than fifty years.

Videos for Desert Beige Limestone:

Lastly, we have listed below videos of desert beige limestone. We will add more. You can access the videos from the links below or from our Video Gallery.






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