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We’re here to help and would love to hear from you! The best way to contact Stone International is to send us a WhatsApp message. We have provided a link to WhatsApp and Telegram in this page. Please click on the link and initiate the chat. This works well on mobile devices. On your desktop/laptop, please install the applications and configure them if you have not already done so. Thanks for reaching out!

We’re always happy to receive your feedback, whether it’s constructive criticism or questions about our products. If you’re a vendor who offers products or support services in our industry, we’re open to communicating with you. However, please note that we only source products and services locally for our personal use, so please refrain from using these channels to offer any products or services for the personal use of the owner or the staff. We’d love for you to save your time on an unsuccessful submission.

Options to contact Stone International:

Address for postal mail and couriers:
F 1001, Malbar Hill,
Somnath Mahadev Road,
Surat 395007, INDIA.
Telephone: +91-261-3571639

Texting / Messenger:

Please read the Privacy Policy to learn how Stone International handles the information submitted or sent by you or collected from you during your visit to this website. This document does not apply to information sent by mail/courier or shared by phone or in person. As more methods of communication evolve, we will add more options for you to contact Stone International. We will update the blog with more useful articles and information. Sometimes, we may need to update existing posts with current information. Therefore, please visit this site regularly for more updates. Thank you for your visit.

Please take some advise to check out our associated business website BizzWhizz for expert consultations on Supply Chain Management with a focus on Home improvement and FMCG sectors.

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