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The best granite quarry 2021-2022 award – FIGSI

STONA 2023, organized by FIGSI, ended on Feb 18, 2023, in Bengaluru, India. Mr. Shakeel Pasha, founder of F4 group, won the best model granite quarry award for Chamarajanagar black granite. The F4 Group is the most prominent mining conglomerate operating black and grey granite quarries and state-of-the-art processing units. They produce the most popular formats used by the building and construction industry.

Mr. Shakeel Pasha received the award at the STONA 2023 Event. Video added on August 21, 2023.

Mr. Shakeel Pasha has been operating granite quarries for over forty years:

The story of Mr. Shakeel Pasha and his journey in the granite business for over four decades is truly inspiring. Chamarajanagar AKS Black quarries in Karnataka state are renowned for excellence. With over one hundred years of residual life, these quarries offer unmatched-quality jet-black granite. Therefore, we partner with Shakeel Pasha and the F4 group for top-quality black granite used in countertops, tiles, and monuments.

“Stone is the material most of us encounter at the intimate scale of our own bodies.”

John Ruskin

The F4 group modernized their Chamrajnagar Black Granite Quarry:

The F4 group’s implementation of modern quarrying techniques in the AKS Black quarries at Chamarajanagar has inspired all. In addition, they have used the best technology, from rock drilling machines to granite wire saws, mechanical excavators, and heavy-lifting cranes. The mechanical equipment meets state pollution control standards to maintain uncompromised air, water, and environment in surrounding areas.

Mining in these regions for over 40 years has reached great depths and extracted high-quality materials with consistent properties. We offer our clients high-quality first-choice and commercial-grade black granite blocks from these quarries. We also provide slabs and tiles perfect for floor and wall coverings, countertops, and monuments using blocks from these quarries. Our customers have many options catering to their diverse needs and preferences.

The Kalahalli Grey Granite Quarry is undergoing rapid and sustainable development:

F4’s Kalahalli grey granite quarry is doing well as a result of the positive feedback on their Chamarajanagar black granite quarry. They use sustainable operations and advanced technology to make quality monuments, countertops, and gangsaw production materials. Thus, it is a testament to their dedication and hard work in providing top-notch materials free from impurities and oxidation.

State-of-the-art processing facilities support quarrying operations:

The F4 group uses top-notch equipment to create high-quality products like countertops and monuments. They use advanced machinery like wire saws and polishing lines to create different surface finishes, like polished or flamed. As a result, the customers get the best materials for their projects.

The F4 group specializes in processing blocks of Chamarajanagar black and Kalahalli grey granite, which are highly sought-after for their quality and unique characteristics. They also source granite blocks from India’s top quarries for diverse products serving local and international markets. They’re a trusted leader in the granite industry due to their customer-centric approach.

We are excited and optimistic as we witness the F4 group’s steadfast commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, their unwavering pursuit of excellence will bring them numerous accolades and honors in the coming years. Therefore, the F4 group will continue to triumph with more valuable contributions to the industry.

In conclusion, the Chamrajnagar Black Quarry is the best black granite available for large slabs, monuments, and other applications.






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