vibrant natural stone colors

Natural Stone Colors

“Natural stones in natural vibrant colors.”

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Behold the beauty of vibrant natural stone colors for your dream project. We have listed below samples of different natural stone colors.

Stunning natural stone colors:

The wide array of vibrant colors of natural stones will surely stun you.

Mineral composition plays an influential role in rendering the colors:

The mineral composition and the geological processes over millions of years contribute to the colors rendered by these natural stones.

Granite Samples:

We deal in Indian granite, which is available in many colors. The colors listed in this section have no issues with availability in large commercial quantities. However, we will resolve the generic name for specific colors and offer it to our customers. Granite usually contains feldspar, silica, and other minerals. Geologically or technically, these products may not be granite. However, due to the predominance of feldspar, they perform as granite.

Marble Samples:

Few varieties of marble in India are commercially viable to sell globally, as there is a significant demand in the domestic market. Therefore, we have listed below the Indian marbles that are popular worldwide. Marble is a metamorphic rock containing Calcium Carbonate. Sometimes, the trade lists a few hard limestones as marble. All these materials perform as marble even Although some of these stones are not geologically marble, they perform as marble. Therefore, the trade markets them as marble.

Sandstone Samples:

Sandstone is a hard sedimentary rock that predominantly consists of silica. Even though geologically some of the materials below may not be purely sandstone, they perform as sandstone.

Quartzite/Schist Samples:

The natural stone industry sells the materials listed in this section as quartzite. However, this could be misleading for some of them as they may be geologically known as schist. Quartzite is a metamorphic form of sandstone, and schist is a metamorphic form of shale. Therefore, these materials will perform as schist wherever we use them.

Limestone Samples:

Limestone is a hard sedimentary rock consisting of Calcium Carbonate. The materials that we have listed below perform as limestone. Due to the presence of calcium carbonate, limestone surfaces may deteriorate on exposure to acids.

Slate Samples:

Slate is a metamorphic rock with high tensile strength but may not withstand compression. Due to the various mineral impurities in slate, the planetary process transformed them into colorful materials. Therefore, you will see many attractive colours and patterns in slates.

Resolving natural stone colors:

We have supplied as much information as we could on this page as well as in the links to the natural stone colors samples displayed. However if you still have doubts, please send us a message through our Get in Touch form or start a WhatsApp Chat. We will help you to resolve the generic name of different types of Indian Natural Stones that you may come across. We can also send to you more images of natural stone colors from India that can be shipped in restricted quantities along with other orders.

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