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Our supporting vendors process natural stone in several formats used for the interior and exterior of buildings and paving, gardens, and landscaping. Natural stone slabs and tiles are are in use as formats for construction since the Stone Age. During this period, humans dwelled in stone caves and used stones to create a durable shelter. Over time till today, more options ranging from natural products to manufactured products are available for building shelters. Newer techniques were also developed to process natural stones. In addition, technology has also been evolving for the development of engineered and manufactured products. As a result, natural stones are a niche product for use in construction, and it is the material of choice for luxury living spaces.

“Durable and enduring natural stones crafted by mother nature.”

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Popular formats of durable natural stones:

Here are some of the most common types of natural stone that we deal in. These natural stones enhance the beauty and durability of various projects:

Natural stone slabs and tiles:

Natural stone slabs and tiles have stood the test of time throughout architectural history, from the Baroque and Rococo Eras to modern-day skyscrapers. Their versatility and durability have made them a favorite among architects and builders for a variety of uses, both indoors and outdoors. As we continue to innovate and build, we can be confident that natural stone will remain a timeless and integral part of the construction process.

Paving stones, cobblestones, and steppingstones:

Choosing the perfect paving stone for your outdoor space can be daunting, but fear not! The options are endless, and each one has its unique qualities. Natural stone, in particular, stands out as the most durable option available. Its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic ensures that your surfaces will last for years. some installers consider natural paving stones as a thick variant of natural stone slabs and tiles.

We specialize in sourcing cobblestones, a small but mighty paving stone that can create sidewalks, pavements, and even entire streets! The durability and sturdiness of cobblestones make them the perfect choice for any project, no matter how heavy the load. And if you’re looking for something a little different, we also offer stepping stones that provide a similar effect, laid individually with notable gaps in between. So why settle for a mediocre outdoor space when you can have a durable and long-lasting one? Choose natural stone!

Staircases, treads, and risers:

Stairway systems have been an essential part of architecture for centuries, serving to transition from one level to another. Natural stones are the most durable and reliable materials for constructing treads, risers, and nosing of stairways. In the past, entire blocks of natural stones were carved out to create the staircase system. However, in modern and contemporary architectural eras, builders construct stairways in three main components: treads, risers, and nosing. Additional features may exist depending on the type of stairway and the building’s design. For instance, in multi-storied buildings, spiraled stairways are a popular choice. By using natural stones, stairways provide a functional purpose and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Pool coping:

When designing a pool area, it’s essential to consider the effects of water and pollution. That’s why natural stone is the best choice for its durability and resistance to slipping. Pool copings act as a barrier between the pool and deck area. While some may prefer manufactured surfaces with an artificial blue color for their water body, others may appreciate natural stones’ unique charm and beauty with uniform or varying shades. And outside the pool, consistent or multicolored stones can add to the rustic appeal and enhance the overall beauty of the area.

Borders, Listellos, and Mosaics:

Transform your bathroom/backsplashes into a work of art using natural stones. You can create beautiful mosaics and accents by cutting natural stones into small, square, and rectangular shapes and arranging them in a set pattern or combination. These stunning designs can be used on backsplashes and borders, elevating the look and feel of your space. Our process involves cutting the stones into tiles below 10cm x 10cm in size and meticulously pasting them onto a mesh backing in a preset pattern. You can even incorporate circular medallion-sized pieces to add a unique touch to your design. Let the beauty of natural stones inspire your creativity and transform your bathroom into a masterpiece.

Natural stones in set patterns:

Using natural stones in varied sizes and shapes can genuinely enchant you. That’s why we provide slabs in various random sizes and shapes to cater to the DIY customers’ needs. Once set on a mesh backing and shipped, these stones can be easily installed in a fixed pattern. Our bulk export of random shapes is perfect for customers who don’t need mesh backing. Cut pieces in varied sizes are bundled in predetermined ratios and sold in cartons as a selling unit. Our pattern sets, sold on mesh backing or shipped in cartons, are ideal for the interior and exterior of buildings, pavements, sidewalks, and pathways. We also welcome customers to share their customized layouts with us, which we can process and ship to their doorstep.

Stone masonry, thin veneer, stone ledgers, stack stones, and panels:

Throughout time, the art of stone masonry has stood the test of durability and reliability in constructing various structures. However, transporting bulky rocks or masonry stone veneers has is a challenge and incurs a high cost if distances are too much. Fortunately, with advancements in processing, joining, and bonding techniques, thin veneer ledgers have emerged as a popular solution, providing both convenience and durability for builders.

Thin stone veneer is a modern, high-end collection of natural stone veneers that offers a unique alternative to traditional masonry stone veneers. We cut durable stones thinner to retain their rough surface, making them appear bulky yet light after installation. This creates a stunning look in any application, blending modern and traditional styles. With a comprehensive range of premium stones and complementing architectural accessories, there is an option for every design style.

Users seek the stack stone effect using lightly layered natural stones, including sandstone, limestone, quartzite, and schist. Suppliers or installers cut these stones into varying widths and paste them together as flat panels. The corner pieces create seamless joints, giving the impression of large layers of tiles stacked on each other. It’s worth noting that the Indian natural stone suppliers offer cost-effective thin veneer ledgers and corners, providing a beautiful and practical solution for builders around the globe.

Experience the solid feel of natural stones like never before! With modern processing techniques, you can select your preferred surface and slice it to a thickness of approximately an inch. This opens up endless possibilities for masonry projects, including buildings, walls, fireplaces, and interior and exterior design elements. Now, experience the beauty and strength of natural stone anywhere, making your vision a reality.

Stone aggregates, pebbles, and fragments:

The natural beauty of stone boulders and lumps is transformed into versatile materials crucial to the construction industry. These fragments are graded into different size ranges through crushing and segregation, ready for use in various applications, from roads and sidewalks to gardens and landscaping. They also play a vital role in producing concrete, making them an essential component of the building process. With their durability and adaptability, aggregates genuinely are the foundation of the construction industry.

Monuments and tombstones:

You can find some beautiful natural stone monuments on our website! Monuments and tombstones are prevalent uses for natural stones. But so that you know, we don’t create fully processed versions of these items with specific designs and customization options. Instead, we offer thick slabs that installers and contractors can use to make these items exactly how their clients want them.

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