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  • The best granite quarry 2021-2022 award – FIGSI

    The best granite quarry 2021-2022 award – FIGSI

    STONA 2023, organized by FIGSI, ended on Feb 18, 2023, in Bengaluru, India. Mr. Shakeel Pasha, founder of F4 group, won the best model granite quarry award for Chamarajanagar black granite. The F4 Group is the most prominent mining conglomerate operating black and grey granite quarries and state-of-the-art processing units. They produce the most popular…

  • Use natural stones – the most durable option

    Use natural stones – the most durable option

    “Feel natural, be natural, use natural stones.” Hello, everyone in the building and construction industry! A warm welcome to all users, interior designers, architects, and our supportive partners in the natural stone industry. Contrary to what many people think, natural stones don’t cause any harm to the environment. Using natural stones can even make our…

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Granite (6) Limestone (10) Marble (8) Quartzite and Schist (5) Sandstone (7) Slate (4)

About Stone International

Stone International, a company founded by Sunil Chowdhary (Sunny) in December 1981, has a rich history in the natural stone business. Sunny, who interned with his father, the Late Dr. Diwanchand Chowdhary, has continued his father’s successful legacy. Dr. Chowdhary was one of the pioneering natural stone exporters from India. Over the past four decades, Stone International has expanded its trade by developing various natural stone products.

Sunny has seen the natural stone business evolve from its nascent stage when break-bulk shipping was the most widely used mode of transportation to the modern era of containerization and supply chain logistics. He has kept up with the changing times and adopted GS1 standards for data exchange with his trading partners after the introduction of GDSN in India. Stone International can now offer valuable trade-related services to stone producers and exporters to help them manage their business with Global Supply Chains.

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Durable Stone Products:

durable stones products

Discover our exclusive collection of natural stones, sourced from India. Browse our impressive selection of stone color samples, formats, and surface finishes to find the perfect fit for your project needs. Welcome to our online website!

While some of our selling partners also offer engineered stones, surfaces, and soft tiles like LVT, SPC, and WPC, we specialize in natural stones. Our team is here to provide guidance and help you make the right choice for your project. Natural stone may be a niche product, but it has endless potential for creating beautiful, timeless buildings.

We offer expert advice on selecting Indian natural stones without any obligation to purchase from us. Contact us through our website or email for assistance. Our partners will take care of the final sale, but first, let us help you find your ideal stone.

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